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Powerful, deeply insightful and revealing, reading this will blow your mind

I eagerly anticipated the arrival of Ziewe’s latest book, ‘Vistas of Infinity.’ It is very much the companion piece to his first book ‘Multidimensional Man’, with ‘Ten Minute Moment‘ serving as a humble yet also deeply insightful buffer between them.

‘Vistas of Infinity’, as its title implies, goes even further and deeper into the exploration of Consciousness than I could have ever anticipated, especially considering the depth of ‘Multidimensional Man'. This is Ziewe’s life times work, evidence of his enormous dedication and commitment to exploring Consciousness through meditation.

There are times when Ziewe explores beyond the realms of reality and so ‘far out’ of what the majority of us will ever have experienced, that I imagine it may indeed be hard for readers to relate it - almost seeming incredible perhaps. However, due to his deeply personal account, highly rational reporting style and the immense depth of insight and wisdom he reveals, he pulled me alongside him 100% and I totally have his back.

Ziewe communicates these insights in such a new way to anything I have ever read before that I completely trust the validity in his reports. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that this is not a truly authentic report.

The enormous level of ignorance of what awaits us after death is very scary indeed, there is very little research or preparation for it. How many people are talking about it? For this alone, Ziewe is doing the world a powerful service by sharing his own experiences of the non-physical realms and what he has discovered by his life time commitment and hunger to explore.

I personally gained a huge amount from his simple and truthful statements of ways we can be of benefit to others in this life now, in his chapters on service and meditation, it is a highly practical book as it reminds of what we can do in preparation for life after death.

Jurgen Ziewe is incredibly bold to have had the guts to share these personal accounts as they are like no other reports out there at present. Maybe in 100 years from now more information, research and a consensus will be shared and available, I do hope so. But for now, it would be wise if as many people as possible read this book and explore the potentials of their Consciousness for themselves.

It has certainly expanded and transformed my Consciousness as a result of reading it. I found myself constantly scribbling quotes down. It has inspired me to begin practicing lucid dreaming and to persist with my own meditation practice, there are some generous, reassuring and compassionate statements about meditation that encouraged me to continue on. It is time to take things further now.

I hope that this book inspires and wakes you up as much as it has me. I am immensely grateful for having read it. As I said this is a work of a life time. We owe it to ourselves and others to read it.

A refreshing, engaging and thought-provoking read. Every psychologist, scientist or any bod off the street should peek into its

Once more, a captivating, journalistic read about the parallel realms of consciousness. If it's possible to improve upon Multidimensional Man then this book has done so in that it is more coherent. Similar to its predecessor, this book is also a collection of diary entries, but in this Ziewe has developed a lot more out of body experience and therefore sets out to explore or interrogate new aspects of his experience, engaging with intriguing and enchanting aspects of his consciousness. Once more the tone is very matter of fact and the language of the new age is thankfully absent. In fact, the author acknowledges the difficulty of using language as a tool sufficient in communicating adequately the nature of his experiences. Nevertheless, the reader is compelled to read chapter after chapter of these fully immersive accounts, responding to the humour of the author, the insight and narrative of Ziewe's personal journey. This book is a must read for anyone who is aware that we are spiritual beings having the human experience, rather than human beings who may or may not be lucky enough to have a spiritual one. If there is a message to this text (which certainly wouldn't be intended), then it's that every being can access a range of consciousness far broader than the everyday and the profound experiences Ziewe engages with as an ordinary bloke need not be accessed merely by the chosen few. A refreshing, engaging and thought-provoking read. Every psychologist, scientist or any bod off the street should peek into its pages.


like me, you have read many books based on ...

By Victor Zammit

I have been eagerly awaiting this book since I "looked inside" and was enticed by many of the section headings: A total Rethink of the Afterlife; Misconceptions about Life After Death; Rescue Missions; The 'Paradise of a 'Suicide Bomber; The Power of Service and so many more. If, like me, you have read many books based on mediums' accounts of what happens when you die you will be pleasantly surprised that a book by an out-of-body explorer can offer so much confirmation and at the same time clarification and expansion of concepts. A fascinating read.

Another gem from Jurgen

Thanks Jurgen - another excellent book. I totally concur with the previous 5 star reviews. Only one caveat - read Tom Campbell's My Big TOE (MBT), if you haven't done so already. Although Consciousness is fundamental everything else is virtual. MBT will help you make sense of Jurgen's experiences. Also recommended is the Calgary 2011 presentation, on YouTube, by Tom Campbell (lengthy but very worthwhile). MBT is available on Google Books but I purchased the whole trilogy because reading approximately 900 pages on my PC/Laptop is not my idea of fun! Enjoy.

Outstanding read!

I rarely write reviews but to honour Jurgen's work and the masterpiece he has written, I had to write something in order to express my heartfelt gratitude. Unlike many books I own, this title has managed to hold my attention for 120 pages (almost half way through). Outstanding achievement! No doubt I will finish it soon. I so recommend it to anyone who has an open mind and is willing to learn. Needless to say Jurgen's integrity and honesty are beyond question. What can I say! Just buy it, you won't regret it!

This book could really change your life.

This book is amazing- even better that the first one which I loved because the author spends more time explaining why things happen the way they do as well as describing what happened. I started out with a yellow marker pen and highlighted great quotes- ended up with a sea of yellow!! Many of the things fill in the gaps like why the astral counterpart of the physical can be different for different people. Love the emphasis on service with the heart. It's so dense with great stuff I'm going to have to read it several times but already its on my small shelf of favourite books.

Insightful and Well Written!

By William Buhlman

"Vistas of Infinity” is a compelling sequel to the author’s previous book, “Multi-dimensional Man”. This is a deep dive into the non-physical nature of consciousness itself. I particularly enjoyed his take on the various afterlife realities. The many insights presented are fascinating and all based on his own personal explorations. Jurgen is the real deal and I highly recommend his new book.

Love it

This is one of those books that are hard to stop reading because it’s so interesting. Realize that subjectivity always plays a part in our experiences, but the author is a long time meditator and uses careful methods to subvert that. He also knows when it’s becoming more dreamlike and can pull it back. As a result, his oobe adventures are like an objective recounting of realities in other planes of existence. There is a wonderful sincerity that shines through. I always read everything with an open mind, trying not to fall into belief and yet being open enough to consider the possibilities. I’ve also had some very limited experience in terms of lucid dreaming and oobe, so what he says falls in line with my own personal truth.

First heard about the author was when I stumbled across his website during a search. His website is mind-blowing. I was looking forward to this book when I saw that it was going to be coming out, and it has exceeded my expectations.


To Infinity And Beyond!

Jurgen Ziewe certainly writes like someone who's "been there". As far as I can tell, anyway... I haven't made it to the vistas of infinity yet. But I enjoyed reading his expansive portrayal of what's out there, it certainly whets one's curiosity.

I’ve been reading your new book over the last three weeks and I have enjoyed every page so far Jurgen. I'm especially intrigued by the level of detail in your description of your many excursions into the various Astral levels as they remind me of some of the more lucid dreams I've managed to record, albeit in a much less lucid state than yours. In a handful of these I was also aware being accompanied by an unseen friend. As I digest the details and descriptions of your experiences in the higher realm I am in awe of your ability to express your feelings and your ability to paint such vivid pictures of your experience in words. To date I have only had one such experience of being ‘home’ - an experience I will never forget…it’s also so comforting to know that it really does exist. I intend to read the book again in order to really appreciate the richness of detail you’ve managed to share with us in this wonderful book. So thank you so much once again for sharing Jurgen.

Have waited for  book with anticipation after reading the Multidimensional Man. I can't put the book down for two reasons. Firstly it's a brilliant read and secondly my Daughter takes it.. She is also hooked by the pages. I should have bought Two! Jurgen's experiences tie in with the theories of the physicist Tom Campbell. The book is a journalists account of first hand experiences into other reality systems. It's so beautifully written I'm instantly there with him in imagination which is why I havn't got much done this weekend!!!!

It really should be made into film! That would be so amazing!!!!

Just like with Multidimensional Man, I am sitting down to this sumptuous meal called Vistas of Infinity. I was sad when I finished reading Multidimensional Man like I know I will be when I finish reading Vistas of Infinity. It will be a ride. I get the benefit as I read because it just seems easier to move into those realms when in sleep state and I just love every minute of it. I am on page 29 and it is exceeding all my expectations. Also I enjoy the 3d videos on youtube and vimeo and hope that you do more of those as well. Those videos are truly phenomenal. Thanks Jurgen for making life easier to exist in as your works truly punch a hole in the mediocrity.

The most important book anyone could ever read...I have been on the path from age 13, starting back in 1964, and have gone through too many different progressions of awareness to get into here, AND this has not deluded me into thinking that I would do just fine in my own after-death situation... Should be required reading in schools across the world!!