Life-Changing Explorations of the

Afterlife and Non-Physical Realities

It is natural to want proof that life continues after death. The best way to find it is by going there yourself and seeing with your own eyes. Jurgen Ziewe has done just that. The author of Multidimensional Man has recorded his Out-of-Body experiences into the afterlife states over a forty-year period, where he shifted Consciousness during deep meditation into non-physical states of awareness with enhanced lucidity, which makes hard physical reality appear as little more than a dream by comparison. In this follow-up to his previous book he goes deeper than ever before and gives a lucid and in-depth account of the higher states of Consciousness traditionally regarded as the Heaven worlds.

This book deals with the reality of our life after death, not spirit communication, but actual visits with all sensory perception intact. These reports cover the last seven years since his first book was published. As a result of a lifelong practice of deep meditation, the author projects his Consciousness into parallel dimensions and non-physical reality systems while retaining full waking awareness throughout. He probes into the infinite vistas of human Consciousness and brings back detailed accounts of his journeys and observations.

The reports gathered follow a strict research protocol, where the author interviewed dead people and visited the higher dimensional realities, from the darkest places to the most illuminated regions of cosmic Consciousness and realms that are traditionally referred to as ‘Heaven’. His first-hand eyewitness accounts of our future ‘life after death’ explore new depths of observation not previously attempted, which will revolutionize our understanding of non-local Consciousness. In this work, Jurgen Ziewe deals with misconceptions and false hopes, unwarranted fears and false ideas, in a liberating way, while at the same time giving guidelines and sound methods that will help the reader to prepare themselves for their future life after death.

These are lively, first-hand accounts of adventurous journeys into worlds that will leave the reader considering in awe a much greater life without bounds, in a narrative which is destined to transform old concepts and perspectives.

An in-depth followup to Multidimensional Man, visiting levels of non-physical reality rarely documented anywhere previously. The new book covers the last seven years of exploration with over sixty hours spent within the higher dimension territories experienced in heightened super aware consciousness

Our Biggest Frontiers Remain Unexplored               

Exploring Non-Physical Reality

Where Did I Park the Car?

A Total Rethink of the Afterlife

Natural Gateways to the Afterlife

Non-Physical Tourist Attractions

Misconceptions about Life after Death

Vistas of the Newly Dead

Rescue Missions

The Life of a Zombie

Family Reunions

The Living Art of Transformation

My Father Reincarnated

Unreal Reality and Real Illusions

Using Meditation to Transcend Dimensions

Rekindling a Missed Friendship

Non-Physical Quest for Self-Healing

Nature’s Justice

Consequential Entanglement

The ‘Paradise’ of a Suicide Bomber

Playing Fields of the Afterlife

Lower-Dimension Currency

Bridging Dimensions

Dying Observed from the Other Side of Death

Healing and Learning Places

Meeting an Artist

Non-Physical City Life

Everything We Imagine Is Pulled from an Existing Reality

Mysteries of the Afterlife

The Art of Manifestation


The Astonishing Power of Shape-Shifting

Do We Live a Double Life?

Creativity in Non-Physical Reality

Fellow Travellers and the Art of Clairvoyance

The Directors of Cartoon City

Strange Non-Physical Phenomena

Psychedelic Non-Physical Realities

The Sales Assistant from Heaven

Into the Pleasant Lands and Double Lives

Non-Physical Job Application

Building a Grand Design in Non-Physical Reality

Non-Physical Property Developer

The Squatters

Creativity on the Hoof

Alien Life Forms and Long-Lost Worlds

An Advanced Alien Species

The Forecourts of Heaven

The Vistas of Heaven

The Gates of Higher Consciousness

Life Experienced as a Tapestry

Homesick for a Lost Planet

Thought Cities

The Hall of Stillness

The Topography of Heaven

A World Unlike Anything Known to Man

The Self-Organising Universe

In the Beginning was the Sound

Meditation OBEs


The Heart of Home

The Silent Companion

Samadhi – the Call to Unity

Preparations for Life after Death


The Power of Meditation

The Power of Service

Traveling the Vistas of Infinity



Jurgen recorded forty years of Out-of Body explorations into the higher dimensions of human consciousness faithfully in his journals. Beginning with his first steps into the Astral realms he later visits the “Heaven” worlds as a result of this deep and prolonged daily meditations. Meeting his inner guide, he re-experiences his past lives and enters new reality levels we know little about. Jurgen makes contact with his deceased relatives and reveals startling new information from the higher realms of human existence.

An extraordinary journey going deeper and further than few books have attempted before, delivering a first-hand eyewitness account of the world that awaits us after we have died.


What happens when attention is focused on Attention for one week in isolation? What does it feel like when you step over the very edge of human consciousness and cross the great divide which separates individual identity from a unified and cosmic sense of being?

Jurgen Ziewe spent a week in a remote mountain cabin in one of the most picturesque parts of Scotland. Undisturbed by modern life, he found out what happens when Consciousness focuses on itself. He kept an authentic account describing his observations during deep meditation which ultimately led to an experience of Cosmic Consciousness.

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