The Vistas of Heaven - Celestial Cities

"Celestial City" with a size comparison of Manhattan. The little ornamented surroundings are actually forests. What I found with these domes, which I tried to picture, was that they weren't static, but gently morphing and their colours and pattern subtly changing. The picture looks much too rigid and solid. Everything was luminous, translucent, not wispy in any way, but incredibly real. Inside the domes were multiple floating thought forms, all brought about by the individuals there, thousands of them, "city"-life as never seen before. The insides were incredible. There were these magnificent huge elliptical arches connecting them.

There are an infinite numbers of cities, all different, some very traditional classical, like ancient Egypt or ancient Persia

Community clusters or cities come in diverse designs and layouts. This one was in the shape of a lotus blossom with a palace or temple right in the centre. The centers can be accessed to raise consciousness or enter higher dimensional levels.

It is almost impossible to represent these higher dimensional locations or cities as two dimensional images limited by the very narrow spectrum of our physical pallet. One way of doing this is by representing the luminous quality as haze, though in reality the environment is hyper defined, more real than real. The other aspects which cannot be captured are the serene “bliss” atmosphere and the aspect of an intimate feeling of being “home”, as well as the fact there is no such thing as an “outside”. We are everywhere and the only thing that changes is focus. The moment we focus, we can be there. Localities can be part of a limitless surrounding or simply suspended in space.

Whatever picture or representation of Heaven we may have seen depicted, we can be certain that any such representations are poorly imagined, because any artist, including myself, is going to under-represent the incredible impact these sceneries have on the soul on multiple levels.

Talking about the vast expanses of the gardens and parks, which in themselves will put you in a state of awe, is completely meaningless unless it is experienced not only in a state of total bliss but on a very intimate level as well. This dispels the feeling that you are in any way separate from the experience every step of the way in these incredible sceneries.

This is so hard to grasp, even where their designs of our environments follow some relatively basic and traditional formats, like an ancient or classical city perhaps; but without becoming intimately connected with the essential textures in a constantly evolving state of rapture, we will only have an external image or movie scene, not an experience. For example, when seeing evolving epic designs or thought forms, made out of three-dimensional changing pattern that can billow up high into the sky and at once herald the arrival or appearance of some cosmic event or influence from another higher dimension, we would be hard pressed to find any equivalent of this in our known world.

Extract from Vistas of Infinity:

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